Join New Life Ministries as we welcome you to Greece and follow the Footsteps of Paul! Discover the journey of the Apostle Paul as we explore sites, discover new cultures, and learn.

Our New Life journeys are always filled with wonderful fellowship with other "New Lifers" and great teaching from our radio hosts. We start each morning with devotions and then explore the wonders of the locale returning in the evening for fellowship and teaching from God's word.

Greece is a place of ancient history and incredible beauty. We'll begin our journey in the city of Athens. From here we will board the Celestyal Olympia for a 3-night cruise that will take us to Mykonos, Ephesus, Patmos, Crete & Santorini before returning to Athens. We then travel north to Delphi, Meteroa, Veria, Thessaloniki and Philippi. Along the way we'll see many antiquities.

If we search for one location, one symbol that defines the highest achievement of Greek civilization that defines its splendor, we would undoubtedly arrive at the Acropolis of Athens — Partly because Athens was always in the avant-guard of Greek achievement, but mostly because the art and architecture on the barren rock represent the logical conclusion of almost a thousand years of cultural development.

If you've never been on one of our New Life tours, I hope you will join us. A New Life journey is an experience unlike any other with any other ministry; and if you have traveled with New Life, you know what I mean and won't want to miss joining us again.

Steve Arterburn